Burglar Alarms

Protect your property and family with a high quality burglar alarm system from G Force CCTV and Security Ltd. We cover both domestic and commercial requirements.

Burglar alarms are a great deterrent. A highly visible external bellbox with flashing oscillating LEDS lets everyone know that your property is fully alarmed, should anyone enter who is not authorised to do so, the system will trigger the sounders. Featuring simple LCD displays, anyone can use them.

Wired or Wireless
Our burglar alarms come as wired and wireless. Sometimes it can be hard to conceal wires in a house because of the decoration or the type of floor covering, e.g. laminate, wood, or tiles. Where wiring has to be done, every effort is made to hide them from view in order for the installation, to look really neat and tidy.

Bells only alarm system
This is a good quality basic alarm which will trigger the external and internal sounders that the system has. A concern can be that no one will respond to the noise and consider it a false alarm.

Bells only alarm system with speech dialler.
This is the same as the above system with a fantastic addition called a speech dialler. A speech dialler is a standalone unit that works in conjunction with the alarm system, and can dial out a number of different phone numbers on activation of the alarm system. These phone numbers can also be changed as often as you like. Another great advantage that these diallers have is that there are no monthly charges attached to their usage, it’s just like you calling from your home phone. Speech diallers also have a number of options, including text message notification, and GSM versions that don’t even need a landline.

Monitored burglar alarm systems.
Your home security alarm can be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by alarm receiving centre (ARC) . Upon an alarm activation signal from the protected premises the ARC will alert the home owner and other key holders or the police if it’s a confirmed alarm signal. A monitored alarm gives a better level of security and peace of mind protection than a bells only alarm. These systems have maintenance and monitoring agreement with a small monthly charge.

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